jó reggelt kívánok!

There’s no way that you (my honorable internet reader) could know, but before I took on the dreadful task of typing this, I wrote it by hand in my journal. Partially because I was not near a computer and had some time and partially because my insistance on the outdated and impractical is a prevalent part of my personality. Much like, you might understand, the earlier era of my beloved (and dearly missed) homeland. Yes, before we were spending Balaton summers dancing and toasting Franco-ised Pálinka (sweet fruit pálinka with perrier) we were cursing and refusing to clink glasses (er..plastic cups) because that’s what the Austrian oppressors did! Uh huh… outdated and impractical (include here: Magyar stubborness) not a history of the First World War would be complete without such a description of Austria-Hungary.

On some level, I will be participating in the “War Through the Generations” reading challenge and that is what this blog is about. This is my journal of reviews and comments on the theme of the First World War. I’ve never done anything like this but I will begin with an introduction and explanation.

My name is Andrea. I am 24 years old and I have a degree in history. I moved to Chicago approximately three weeks ago from Budapest, Hungary. I am Hungarian-American and quite like both nations. I’ve traveled to Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, and Georgia. My hobbies include running, hiking, mountain-climbing, gymnastics, all forms of art and crafts, dance and of course, reading, history, and films. My focus in history at university was World War I. My great-grandmother Henrietta, was a child of the First World War. Her father perished on the Balkan Front in 1915 and although she had never met him, she spoke highly of this man who would remain forever young. I was always fascinated with the story and spent much time imagining about life at that time.

My purpose of this blog is not only to participate in the reading challenge, but also to communicate with others of similar interests.


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