a snowy sunday evening

It isn’t even Christmas, but here I am in my new apartment watching The Sissi Collection. It takes place many years before the outbreak of the Great War, but I’m mentioning this because it is a historical costume drama (the term, historical, is being used very loosely here.) No matter established an historian you may be, regardless of how “Prussian” you are about your duty of historical accuracy, if you ever spent even a year in Central Europe, you can’t quite find the courage to insult this film (or, miniseries really.) It’s aired every year around Christmas in Austria, Hungary, and Germany (I still need to find some Czech friends to see if they too watch it.) It’s one of those programmes that you play in the background while spending time with family… the kind of thing that brings you back to childhood when you were laying on the carpet playing with some toys or just your own imagination and the smell of hot walnut beigli and coffee filled the warm room. The point is, it’s something you watch when you need comfort and I decided since it was available in the library here and I’m just getting used to my new place, I would actually watch it. Here is a trailer, which, I can only very very poorly translate for you as it is in German. You can find the film in English, German, and Hungarian.

An update on my first book for the War Through the Generation challenge… I am (re)reading Sándor Márai’s, The Rebels. In my next post, you will encounter the young men called Abel, Béla, Ernö, and Tibor and see as their world slowly disintegrates as they reluctantly leave their childhood. It is a unconventionally disturbing novel devoid of any “action at front” as it all takes place in a remote and fictional Hungarian village. However, the war permeates through everyone’s lives as you will see with its effect on the boys even despite their interesting attempt at avoidance. I will very soon venture to the library and get the English copy of The Rebels for my very first review!

I will also be looking for Peter Englund’s The Beauty and The Sorrow: An Intimate History of the First World War. It has been suggested to me from two different sources, and from the description seems to be the perfect book for me to read!

As I love films, I’ll also be looking for films to watch and review. And just for fun, I’ll include some music from the time period as well (as soon as I find out how to include it in my post.)

Hello, Bonjour, Zdravo, Szervusztok to fellow enthusiasts and anyone reading! Thanks!


2 thoughts on “a snowy sunday evening

    • I’ll have to find that movie sometime (maybe when the time is more seasonal 🙂 Do you have any favourite First World War-themed films? There have been a lot of pretty exceptional French films set in that time.

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