a little personal update

After living my life in a building constructed in 1910 (I can’t say we Hungarians were ever too keen on properly fixing anything, just patching up and keeping together er uh…stuff), updated with Soviet style a little later with faulty appliances and strange wires and old stoves, I experienced my first fire when I moved to a much more modern apartment in the United States.

Early this week, there was an electrical fire where I live and the building is going through many repairs which are estimated to take 2-3 months. So, after moving from my Budapest home in January, I am moving again in April. My temporary room is in an almost all Polish building near the airport. It always smells like pierogi, which is a great thing!

The main drawback though is the lack of internet.

I am still working on my review for The Rebels and I’ve started Europe’s Last Summer by David Fromkin.

I was also able to go to an old “movie palace,” where I saw War Horse. It was such a nice film that it was difficult to cringe at the little faults. The experience was also great. I’ve never been to anything like it!


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