Hungary’s entry for Eurovision


Although there is always controversy about an entry in English, this is Compact Disco’s “Sound of our Hearts.” It’s very Hungarian modern and doesn’t have much folk sound or look, but it is an interesting and powerful video and, I think, a pretty good song.


Today, Europe goes to WAR!!!

Okay, yes, it’s the grand final of the Eurovision song contest! Tonight we will see the entries of 26 countries put on their best performances in hopes of winning the contest. The winner gets to host the contest next year, among other incentives. Eurovision was always said to be (or complained to be) quite political, and publications in Hungary earlier this year were posing the question, “Who are we going to send to lose this year?” Yes, destroying EU crops, being punished for poor economic choices, continually refusing Serbia’s hoped-for entry into the EU (I can’t make this stuff up. 🙂 Well, that’s only the beginning… it’s safe to say that the EU and many other countries aren’t too happy with Hungary.

Yet, for the purposes of this blog, I feel the need to tell that both Hungary and Bosnia/Herzegovina are in the Grand Final! 


I am currently …


I am currently watching Oh! What a Lovely War for the first time. I got accidentally punched in the face today and I have a very bad cold. However, I made quiche lorraine, finally found this film, and am now enjoying it with my big, fuzzy blanket.

I’m quite too tired to write anything meaningful and it has been a while, but my review of The Lost History of 1914 is written (it simply needs typing.)

Also, I’m not going back to Hungary this summer 😦 but I will be in a new part of the U.S. learning a lot about WWI! (excited would be an understatement!)