This might now be as funny to you but on first glance at my note it is appearing that one is deciding between the actual World War I and my country. um… Maybe this has been written as such before?? 😉

I am contemplating my options for life this summer. I have a very short time to decide what I should do.

I would be very honoured to have more opinions, especially from people interested in history, museum work, and graduate school for history.

In case you cannot read my notes (most is in English, I promise!) here is the basic conundrum…

1. I can go back to Hungary to work at the summer camp like always.

2. I could (if chosen) be an intern at the WWI Museum in the United States.

As homesick for Budapest as I might be in Chicago, I really really enjoy studying the First World War and hope to do my masters work on the subject at a university also in the U.S.

I can later go to Central European University, but I won’t every have this kind of opportunity to intern in a WWI museum (obviously because we don’t have one in Hungary!)

Yet, relocating to Kansas City (would be great fun!) but expensive. We’re probably talking much more expensive than the plane ticket.

I really am at a loss for what to do.

The deadline for my WWI internship application is 30 April. I know I could send it anyway and go from there, but I don’t want to be dedicated already to two different opportunities.

Any suggestions?